Thursday, May 24, 2018 Last Update: 7:45 AM


Indian Hill Media is opening a beta display ad program to local business.  During this period banner, block and skyscraper ads will be available at great introductory rates!  At the moment we are crafting our program and establishing the positioning of our display ads.  But while we ramp up we're offering the following great rates:
Front Page Banner Rotating - 600px X 250 - 75$ per mo - only four rotations will be sold per position.
Front Page Blocks Rotating -  300px X 250 - 50$ per mo - only four rotations will be sold per position.
Be one of the first and we will reserve your position for you for as long as you wish.
Indian Hill Media site metrics:
In the first quarter of this year our Claremont logged 48,000+ page views from thousands of "unique visitors".  Our readership has climbed in April a whopping 32%.  Last year Claremont logged 670,000 hits.  With the addition of the sites listed below our growth has been approximately 40% per month per site. But the real test is what it can do for your business.  Give us a try!  Contact  Indian Hill Media Inc, the parent company of Indian Hill Media has launched a network of news sites across Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties and will cross-promote you business with it's sister publications including
and coming soon Indian Claremont.Today, Fontana.Today and SanGabriel.Today.

So take advantage of this great opportunity to grow with Indian Hill Media.
Contact us for more information.