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About Us

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Noho.Today was created in by SoCal based Indian Hill Media Inc. as a means of collecting comprehensive news about the people and city of North Hollywood. Over the years, as the web has dveleoped, our ability to create this news collection has increased substantially. The applications that we've created to perform this task behind the scenes have been updated and rewritten many times.  From our great local newspapers to the national press and from international sources likely and most unlikely, Noho.Today retreives, sorts and presents the news about the city and people of North Hollywood. 

Indian Hill Media, the parent company of Noho.Today. Indian Hill Media also owns and operates North Hollywood - based Mixers Post Sound Services, a television production company and a large portfolio of web domains and 909Host, a domain hosting company.  IHM Inc also owns Smiling Dog Designs - a website development company that creates all of Indian Hill Media's sites.